img Why fitted-to-size bras?

Many many moons ago, Swati faced acute embarrasment at not finding the right bra in her teenage years. Somewhere a resolve was born. Customising bras to size remains an age old need with women’s changing bodies. Necessity-SwatiGautam has fit countless women over the decades despite the irrational challenges of the online bra world.

img Sorry, what challenges??

‘Online-bras’ is at best an oxymoron because bra sizes and types are dependent on our body size, toning,and personal comfort levels that differ from woman to woman. Despite the trending alogrithms that ‘fit’ women online, a supportive and comfortable bra can only be bought through
a physical trial room.

img The Goal

Comfort + Value-for-Money

The majority of Indian women look for comfort twined with value-for-money, thus making it a very interesting market to cater to. In addition there are working class women who definitely need support at a reasonable price. Many suffer from breast, back and shoulder pain, fibroids, premature sagging
and much else. Necessity-SwatiGautam is commited to providing innovative bras at basic prices so that no one woman ever goes
unsupported for lack of affordability.

Breast Cancer Care

We also aim to reach our lightweight breast prostheses to as many women as we can, and free of cost where need be, so that no woman,
however financially challenged, feels bereft after a mastectomy.
E mail us if you need free prostheses please.