(Adjacent to JW Marriot)

Silver Arcade, 2nd floor
5,E.M.Bypass, Kolkata 700105



(Opp Basanti Devi College)

9,Hindustan Park, grd floor
Kolkata 700029



(Near Phulbagan Bata)

99/1,Narkeldanga Main Road
Kolkata 700054


11am-7pm Mon-Sat




Necessity-SwatiGautam has NO branches & a NO- EXCHANGE policy

  • Please do no push our staff to serve you beyond Store timings. They too are women with a home and hearth.
  • We do not sell bras without a mandatory trial, which in turn, benefits you. Our staff will accompany you into the trial rooms for a best buying experience.
  • Men are not allowed into our Stores. Even gentlemen please desist.


  • Always try out a bra before buying, even if it is identical to the one you are wearing, because the older bra would have lost shape.
  • The lower the cleavage in a bra, the lesser the support.
  • If you want support, but with a lower cleavage, try underwired bras.
  • The more the number of hooks at the back, the higher the support.
  • The broader the shoulder strap, the better the support.
  • Even if your weight is constant, your body may change in its toning, thus changing your bra size.
  • Your bra size is NOT constant at any given moment. It will change a wee bit depending on the cut and fabric of different bras.
  • And that a style which you dote on, may just be the last thing that’ll suit your best friend.
  • Bras are the most individualistic garments ever. Ever.
  • Machine-washing reduces the life of your bras.
  • Do adjust the straps and waist of your bra with constant use.
  • Your waist and shoulders support your breasts. Exercise them well.
  • Sagging can be minimised by regular exercise.
  • To keep frozen shoulders at bay, fasten your bra by taking your arms behind your back.