img So who are we?

We are a bunch of women who’ve been making bras for close to thirty years. We’ve worked with countless real bodies over the years. This has given us a clear insight into the workings of a woman‘s mind when it comes to choosing a bra.

img And what’ve we learnt?

That every woman has her own individual needs given her age, body type, genes (in India this differs from region to region), choice of attire, personality, lifestyle & sometimes health issues too.

img Founder - CEO?

It’s right there in the logo! Swati Gautam leads Team Necessity with all her quirks. She started making bras when she was barely out of St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta where she majored in Political Science. (And no, it wasn’t wasted since she thinks politics in her head ALL the time!) After her first three ventures in bra making died, Swati found her rainbow in this, her fourth venture: India’s first specially fitted to size brand of bras.

Somewhere along the way, Swati did a Masters in Broadcasting from the University of Sheffield, UK. (And no, this hasn’t been wasted either since the Masters led her to teach undergrads and postgrads at her alma mater for a good six years before that made way to other interesting stuff ).

Every once in a while Swati writes, and of all the stuff she keys in, its the bits about Bras that she loves the most. Over the years she’s anchored periodic columns on bras in mainstream newspapers. If you’re as mad as she is, you can read her stuff right here.

Swati also debates passionately in English and Hindi.
Now you know the quirk ridden girl we deal with!