img Bras

At Necessity-SwatiGautam the thumb rule is that no matter how odd your size we will strive to give you at least three options to choose from. Starter bras to teenage bras, bras for blouses and tee shirts, sports bras to extra high support bras for plus cups, fine cotton rubias to voiles, lightweight nets to sweat absorbent cotton nets (especially woven by us), minimisers, maximisers, fibre filled cups for nipple-coverage, super support strapless bras, polka dots to floral chintz and much more, we make them all.

img Panties

Cotton panties for everyday wear are available in two options: normal, and with-stretch, to give the body some shape. Super extra sizes are also available.

img Shapewear

From basic corsets that keep your fat from spilling out, to extra strong shapers, we have them all.

img Accessories

Extenders to extend the length of a bra.

Nipple covers for that extra precaution.

Shoulder pads for when straps dig in and hurt sloping shoulders.

Hooks and Eyelet sets for you to replace on your existing bra.

Breast Prostheses: Lightweight, cotton covered, fibre filled.

Transparent straps for that one off occassional wear.